Global has an international reputation of successful acquisition, development,
building design, project management, construction and marketing in many
diverse fields.
With its resources and the expertise of a substantial accessible professional
workforce, the Global group is poised to undertake projects of any size or
complexity, from concept to design, construction, project marketing, hand-over
and maintenance.  With our implementation of quality assurance standards
demanded by the international community, our attention to detail and our
comprehensive marketing initiatives, the client’s satisfaction is assured.

A Little About What We Do

Global and its associates hold a significant portfolio of building design and
construction projects with over 1 million square metres in floor area of
residential buildings, plus numerous hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial
and industrial buildings, factories and production facilities. While their expertise
in road construction is indisputable, their major contribution to the world of
construction has been in Hydraulics designing and building dams, hydro-
electric power stations, irrigation systems, water reticulation and sewerage
networks and land reclamation. Global has even diversified into the
construction and rehabilitation of airports and major urban planning works.
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